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Our story begins in 2015 on Santa Creu street in the beautiful neighborhood of Daltvila, where an old shop that had been transferred became our first restaurant: “La Dispensa”. With a wonderful vintage decoration inspired by the pantries of the old Tuscan farmhouses, it was the first place with Italian cuisine in the area.
This concept was expanded with the opening of two other places currently called "La Cueva" and "El Sushi" with two interior rooms and picturesque terraces.

The following year a beautiful premises in La Marina, which had previously been the headquarters of the Diario de Ibiza, was transformed into “La Imprenta”, with a totally different air, high-level traditional Spanish cuisine with French touches, an intimate atmosphere and several shows by live music such as "Los legendarios jueves musicales” on Bisbe Azara street, in front of the iconic Pereira theater.

In 2020 a new addition to the family arrived through "Plaza del Sol", also in Daltvila, which with its magnificent terrace decorated in a "boho chic" style with the best views of Ibiza, offers a selection of typical Mediterranean dishes: rice , fish, meat and tapas throughout the day.

Along the way were the sushi restaurant "WasaB" that belonged to the group for four years and was located near the central Plaza del Parque and "SaMar Tradicion", in the same area and specialized in high quality seafood and fresh fish.

We are currently working on the expansion of the group with the creation of several projects: “Karumbé”, a beach bar in Pipa Beach, Brazil, which will be launched in November 2023, and “Massa Madre”, next to Plaza del Sol, where you can buy and taste focaccias, pizzas, and the best Ibizan products starting next May.

The Group

Commitment to
quality and continuous improvement..

AmaribizA is a group focused mainly on quality restaurants that arises from the vision of growth that currently exists in Ibiza. The White Isle is in constant development and needs companies that are consistent with this evolution.



Proud of our projects

At AmaribizA we take care of every detail to create a unique atmosphere, impeccable service and the best product.

Discover our gastronomic projects in Ibiza and soon in Pipa (Brazil).


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