The island of Ibiza and the beautiful beaches of Pipa have in common their crystal clear waters, the sun and spectacular landscapes that can be called “paradise”. They also share protected species such as sea turtles. We wanted to reflect its value and support its preservation in Rio Grande do Norte through one of our projects on the Brazilian northeast coast: KARUMBÉ Beach restaurant & Lounge, which will have a design inspired by its shell and materials that will respect the balance with the environment. It will have several spaces to enjoy a high-quality cuisine in an amazing setting of white sand, light and joy in Praia do Madeiro.

At the same time, in Chapadão/Praia das Miñas area, we will create a beautiful Boutique Hotel with a bamboo structure and natural elements whose main purpose will be sustainability and harmony with nature.

The opening of both places is scheduled for October 31st , 2024.


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