Next destination: Brazil. Discover Makai Praia.

Next destination: Brazil. Discover Makai Praia.

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From AmaribizA we are very excited to inform you that we are expanding. Our next destination: Brazil.

In partnership with Umi Fun Kitchen, after much effort, work and perseverance, a whole team, coordinated between Ibiza and Brazil, has managed to set up what will be, without a doubt, the best beach club-restaurant in Praia da Pipa, located in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, an indigenous name that means "between two waters", as it is surrounded by the Lagoa de Guaraíras and the Atlantic Ocean.

Makai Praia will have several spaces in which to enjoy both high quality cuisine in an unbeatable setting of white sand and crystal clear waters, as well as a fantastic and unforgettable experience in our new beach club, with live music by national and international DJ's, designed and intended to satisfy all your needs, while you are in direct contact with the wildest and native nature of northeastern Brazil.

makai praia mar

The pre-opening of Makai Praia is scheduled for the holiday weekend on September 7, 8 and 9, so reserve the date and come and enjoy with us the beginning of what will be a great journey together.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
IG: @makaipipa
Direction: Largo de São Sebastião 102 - Praia do Centro, Pipa, RN, Brasil.


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